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October 13, 2007

Paperless Thank-You's

Merci I have been in thank-you twilight zone. I don't buy stationary anymore because I usually print them from my computer.

But then I had some computer issues and I could not print.

I wondered if I could just send simple emails as thank-you's.

But the etiquette issues for that overwhelmed me.

So instead, I just sent nothing. Nada, zero.... I was in a thank-you twilight zone wondering if I would start losing friends and my family would give me that "you have no manners" glare.

Instead, I decided to officially go paperless. Here are some of the sites I found most interesting:

  • Evite: If you use Evite to organize an event, then you can send email thank-you's to all those who attended. And the nifty part about that is all the emails are already associated with the invite (saves time). Just be careful, the first time I used that functionality, I thought I was sending out the mod thank-you but instead I sent out a "cocktail" thank-you to some of my son's friends who had given him a gift for his birthday. So choose carefully....

            Evite also has an ecard section.

  • Iomoi is a site with chic e-stationary.  If you purchase a membership, then you can use the site to send custom stationary emails.

Did I miss anything?


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Thank you notes and invites are two things that I can't go modern with. I love paper notes for both! But

I agree with crazedparent - writing thank you notes is one thing I have not been able to go digital with. And since I don't really let my kids use the computer, I also make them handwrite their thank you cards. Ever since I found Paper Source cards, I have become inspired to write notes by hand. Of course, my hand cramps up about the second sentence, from lack of use, but it is still fun....

I agree, I agree - written thank-you notes are the best.

But what about those, like myself, that type much faster then they write (and quite frankly, don't have nice handwritting). I just wonder when etiquette will catch up to the online world. Is there a place for both?

I was just having a conversation about this recently. I think hand-written, snail mail thank yous are the best way to send thank yous - for weddings and birthdays especially. To me an off the cuff email is tacky... in an age where communication is at hyperspeed and much etiquette is outmoded due to laziness - a hand written thank you note sends a lovely signal that you took some time out of your day to say thank you. Plus it's nice to receive a handwritten note in the mail.

At EVERY SINGLE birthday party and baby shower I've attended in the last two years ALL of the moms have said, "Please don't bother with Thank You cards. I know how busy we all are."

I use evite for invitations and thank yous and I don't have one bit of guilt about it.

I will say that when my son (now 2) gets a little bit older I will teach him how to write his own thank you notes. But that is one of those character building things... And he's not an overwhelmed mother of two.

sorry, if someone takes the time to shop for a gift, wrap it, and deliver it, one can take five minutes to hand write a thank you note. if the number of thank you notes is overwhelming, then one needs to reduce the guest list (thereby reducing gifts). thank you notes don't have to be novels. 3 or 4 sentences, stick in an envelope, address it, stamp it and you're done. a thank you note is about more than the gift. it is saying "thank you for thinking enough of me to give me a gift. i think enough of you to write a note."
don't have time to write thank you's? put a few in your purse to write while you are waiting at the dr's office or in carpool line. write 2 or 3 per night before bed or during lunch. honestly, i written hundreds of thank you's and it really doesn't take that long. it does take practice. :)

The fact that I believe I should be sending hand-written notes has meant I haven't been sending ANYTHING and have been suffering ENORMOUS guilt. I am too sleep deprived and scattered and overwhelmed to keep up with the basics. When my son (14 months) gets a bit older, yes, I hope to return to handwritten. But right now Shutterfly cards have been our stand-in: upload the photo, type the card, and they address and send it in the mail. You can send the same one to everyone who came to an event with personalized notes in each one -- a hybrid of snail and tech. People get a photo to keep and your personal thank you and they get it fast. But I'm also going to sign up for Iomoi for the general thank yous and birthdays and anniversaries that don't get done.
Now does anyone know a site where you can send an ecard customized with your own photo? I saw one once but haven't found it again.

I really hope we can get past the paper notes. I love getting evites, my computer reminds me of the event, and it's so nice to be able to add your own touches (unlike most bought stationary). I recently said thank you to everyone who attended my daughters 1st birthday party by email and as far as I know, nobody minded a bit.

Email thank you: 10 minutes
Buying cards, writing them all, posting and mailing: 2 hours

I'd rather spend time with my daughter :)
There is a place for both, I agree with Teri

Sorry, I meant Amy not Teri

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