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June 21, 2007

NYT - David Pogue Linklove: Digital SLR's, File Transfering and Cell Phones for Kids

Circuis I recieve feeds from the New York Times Thursday Circuits section to my email. Today had an link to an interesting article on File transfering by David Pogue. He said (on flight during a business trip) that his "brain turns to mush when I have to wake up too early. I'd forgotten the two-gigabyte folder of photos."  I was so happy to see that because being a parent means that your brain regularly turns to mush. So any advice he can give would be helpful. His article discussed the different ways to do file transfers (using chat programs or FTP). And information on a program called "Pando".

Then I went over to his main site (Pogues Pages) and found another great article on Digital SLR's. Being a blogger and a parent means that taking pictures is a must - and having a good camera really makes a difference in picture quality.

I also found a video he made on "Cell Phones for Kids". I did my own review so it was great to have a chance to see his perspective. Take a look! He somehow got a tiny toddler to answer the phone saying "hello" and a teenage girl that said "A cell phone where I can ONLY call my parents, yeah....". Funny, because I got the same response from my 8 year old when I asked him about a phone that could only call us ("you mean I can't call my friends....).


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