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June 30, 2007

My June 2007 Perfect Post Award Nomination

Ppmay07 I enjoy participating in Suburban Turmoil's Perfect Post awards. This month, I was inspired by a writer in the Chicago Moms Blog. As a Silicon Valley Moms Blogger, I was so happy to have two new sister sites Chicago and New York City. We are just getting New York up and running, but our Chicago Moms Bloggers have been prolific bloggers. I really enjoy reading about life in Chicago, but feel one post for this month sums it up.

Jessica Ashley, who also blogs on Sassafrass, That’s Fit, and Strollerderby, created a post called "Dear Oprah". I happen to be a big Oprah TV show, Oprah.com and Oprah magazine fan. When I read or watch the show, every time I think "yeah - I can relate"and learn a tip or two. This month I was excited to read about Sarah Jessica Parker's new fashion line.

Jessica's post
did a great job of showing how mom bloggers also have great "kickass" stories of survival and mama chic. So I guess you can say I am also a big fan of mom bloggers, they always post about things I can "relate" to and (as a bonus gift) I get some great tips.

I do need to throw in this post at Suburban Turmoil because of it's complete, over the top, don't mind saying cute because it is so darn cute post. Can I nominate two posts??


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I'm so honored, Beth! Thanks so much. Goodness, I'm shockingly speechless. And desperately in need of finding my tiara!

i like oprah, but i rarely get to see it on tv. a couple nights ago i tried to watch the late airing of a declutter show. i fell asleep on the 2nd commercial, so i looked at her website + found some quick kickstart ideas i'm using. i also have her to thank for my daughter i think, because of watching a show about fertility decreasing that made me stop hitting the snooze button on trying to have children.

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