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May 06, 2007

Countdown to Mother's Day - Tech Gift Linklove

Techmomgift Mother's Day (May 13) is officially one week away and what better way to celebrate then to share what tech gift items moms are talking about:

  • Want Not ponders the electronics dilemma of finding the right digital photo frame. A commenter suggested a service to remotely upload pictures.
  • Silent"I" was very creative with a request for "a 2 gig iPod that has a mini TV so I can download Grey's Anatomy and have Dr. McDreamy in my pocket (I'm more of a McSteamy fan actually), a service that turns her phone into a wifi modem for blogging on the road and the Snowball microphone for better podcasting quality."
  • Techmamas has a list of recommendations including a Coach bag that can be used to carry a BlackBerry, keys and a wallet yet is small enough to fit into a laptop case or beach tote. And a rolling laptop bag that is easy to push. Suggestions were also made to help set up a home office for WAHMs (Work at Home Moms)  which applies to all moms whether they work outside the home, telecommute, have a home business, volunteer or manage their own families.
  • Yahoo Tech Mom posted about her MP3, smartphone and stylish gear bag preferences.
  • State of Grace suggested a wonderfully low-tech hand made necklace. That just may be my favorite suggestion of all because it can double as dinner if moms don't have anything else to cook.

If there are other tech mamas who would like to share their tech wish lists, please comment with a link to the post on your blog or email techmamas(at)gmail.com.


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I will save the Macaroni Necklace Molly made for me UNTIL THE DAY I CROAK.

Indeed, as you wisely mentioned TechMamaB (which is your rapper name), the macaroni does serve as pasta back-up in case I'm too lazy to go to the store. I'm surprised I haven't done that already.

Thanks for including my Luddite but very sentimental suggestion.

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