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April 30, 2007

Linklove: iPods - the Newest Technology Used for Cheating

Calculator2 I remember when I was in college, some sneaky classmates figured out how to program formulas into their calculators to cheat on tests. I, of course, did not participate but I was intrigued. I wondered how Teachers could fight all the new ways students figure out how to cheat - especially when it includes technology? The current answer seems to be "banning it" from class.

My son feels like his iPod is a new appendage to his body, so he puts it in a secure pocket of his pants out of reach during class. He knows very well that we will take his iPod away if he EVER brings it out in class. I don't know if banning digital media will take care of the problem. I agree with Strollerderby that kids will find new ways to cheat anyway. For now, it is important that parents understand that technology (and even hats) can be used in the wrong ways. The only solution may be to keep the communication lines open (low tech - as in having verbal talks) and use of clear logical consequences.

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