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March 01, 2007

Find out more about Techmama Q&A

The Q&A category was set up to store the posts that have questions and answers with those who have expertise in parenting/technology related issues. If you have relevant experience in this area and would like to be included in the Techmama Q&A, please email techmamas(at)gmail.com.

The "answers" are the opinion of the subject matter expert; I do not alter, spin, ambush, edit or re-arrange what is provided. If you do or do not agree with the subject matter expert, comment with your opinion. It is important to have a two way "conversation". But please, mind your manners.

Here is the first Q&A I did with Anastasia Goodstein, author of TOTALLY WIRED.


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I’m Chris Randolph, the blog manager at Revixio Software, and I think I may have something that’s relevant and useful for you and your blog readers. We’d like to get on your radar, and I’m writing today to ask your permission to send you a news release about CorePage - the instant link page system, when we launch in late February.

I’m sure you get lots communication from companies about products that aren’t a good fit for you and your readers. It’s my job to read through blogs like yours to ensure that we’re a good match, and in your case, I’m confident that we are.

I know that you’ll want to investigate us a bit before giving your permission, so please take a look at our “coming soon” page and blog at www.revixio.com (also www.corepage.com ). If you like what you see, please use the “Stay in the Loop ” to join the mailing list – or reply to this email, and I’ll do that for you. You’ll get a confirmation email from us, so please keep an eye out for that if you do say “yes.”

Yes, we’re certainly optimized for sales, and will be promoting CorePage as a sales tool, but I think you’ll readily see a great many non-sales uses for an online tool that creates instant, private, custom web page with links to… anything. As you would expect, there will always be a free level of service, as well as a two paid levels.

Please let me know what you think.

Many thanks,

Chris Randolph

Blog Manager

Revixio Software

[email protected]

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