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March 28, 2007

Do you Twitter with your friends?

Twitter The web 2.0 world has brought many new and exciting ways to communicate with your friends online - without speaking a word. Twitter is the new social networking buzz; it allows users to send a sentence or two about what they are doing at that moment, using their moble phone, instant message or by entering it into an online form on the Twitter site. Here is the help and lingo page that has more info on how Twitter works. You can also learn juicy tidbits at the Twitter blog. The privacy features allow you to either add your twitter to the public timeline or to the friends that you invite. If you wonder "Why everyone's talking about Twitter"check out the Time magazine article. The article brings up the lingo "microblogging or moblogging" for what users are doing with Twitter; it is a quick way to do a micro-micro blog post (two sentences) for those who do not have time to blog.

I first heard about Twitter at BlogHer Business 07 last week. I knew I had to try it, so I set up a profile but then was shy to start. I wondered what I should talk about. Then blogger celeb GraceD invited me to be her friend (which I was honored), so I decided to do my first twitter to her. What do you know, I am blogging about microblogging.

This may be a fun way for moms to commuincate with a group of friends, local or anywhere in the world. If your teens mention being interesting in using Twitter, I would suggest that they only allow their group of friends to read their twitters. Twitter's terms of use state that users must be 13 years of age or older.


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I wonder if anyone would care where I was going...Who would I twitter to and why ? I also would need your help to use it ! Have you been enjoying twitter ?

Yes, infact I am somewhat hooked! Twitter allows you to set up friends so your conversations can be within your own groups - and it limits the characters so each entry is about two sentences. It is fun to log on and see what my friends did each day. Really quick way to stay in touch.

Being a parent makes it hard to keep in touch will all of my friends via phone or coffee chats? Or is this bad that part my social life is online?

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