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4 posts from February 2007

February 26, 2007

Watching the Academy Awards, In A Perfect World

Originally posted at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Martini In a perfect world I would watch the Academy Awards tonight in a room full of my girlfriends, with a drink in my hand and lots of snacks. We would watch intently at the dresses worn by each star, adding our snarky opinions of what works and what does not work. When I was single, that was how I spent Academy Awards night.

But motherhood has changed a few things. If Zero Boss can drunkblog, why can't I sweatsuitblog?  My mom uniform puts me in the right frame of mind for providing judgemental opinions on red carpet fashions. But with three active boys, tonight my drink will be finishing off one of my son's juice boxes. Any time I spend watching the Academy Awards fashions will be on TIVO, after the kids are asleep.  One of my mom friends mentioned an Academy Awards Party - but I would need to get a babysitter to allow me the concentration necessary for drooling over the dresses. So no live-blogging or live watching the Academy Awards for this mom.

Oscar2_1The next best thing to live-blogging is link-loving to sites that are. NY Mag/Go Fug Yourself will have their Cheetos, Red Bull and enough snark to satisfy my cravings.  The Splendora Blog will have Oscar news and gossip. Celebrity Baby Blog will cover the pregnant moms and mentioned Just Jared for live coverage of other moms and dads. BuzzSugar and StyleDash are providing minute by minute updates.  Our own Sarah Granger blogged about Oscar gowns on sairy.com.  For green fans, ecorazzi.com is also live-blogging. Check out the Google Blog Search for other live-bloggers if that is not enough for you.

The Los Angeles Times has their Awards Insider and  Gold Derby. Oscar.com has styles, nominees, and details on Oscar night. The WSJ has their red carpet runaway. E! will have their glambots reporting on the red carpet arrivals.  For info on where to buy your own red carpet fashions, the NYT mentioned SeenOn! and StarStyle.  StarStyle already has info on yummy red carpet shoes.

After looking over all of this fun fashion, my fantasy shoes would be the Stuart Weitzman black patent peep toe pumps or the Jimmy Choo Satin T-Strap Sandals. But reality is not so bad, I will happily be wear

February 21, 2007

Video Fun: Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager

Originally posted on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Here is a verrrry funny set of Youtube videos for those Star Wars fans, without violence. But it does have some potty talk, so I don't know what rating it should be for kids (PG-Potty)?

Here are the other episodes......

Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager Episode 2

Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager Episode 3

Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager  Episode 4

Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager Episode 5

Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager Episode 6

February 19, 2007

Are Moms Washing Clothes Sexy or Sexist?

Laundry_1Originally published on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog

I was looking at the Digg front page for the most popular news stories and I found this link: "Funniest Sexest Washing Machine Tag Ever". Now is that sexist or sexiest? So I had to take a look.  It is a picture of a shirt tag with wash instructions. The bottom of the tag says: "Give it to your Mom, it's her job". Now why is this such a hot offbeat news story? The post had 2,496 diggs and 90 comments as of 5:30 pm tonight. All for a shirt tag?? Some called the submitter names I won't repeat, and he even replied that he goofed and meant "sexist" not "sexest". Well, with a large population of Gen-X males reading Digg, you can imagine the comments:

  • Yashar said -" haha nice, i'm going to show this to my mom. I'll probably get smacked.
  • to which  YOtsuya  replied: On the other hand, giving laundry to your dad would probably earn you a whipping.
  • Morriscat: Dr. Freud, what say you?
  • GawtMilk: SEXIST, as in: "Honey, I need a new watch". "Why? There's a clock on the stove" Not SEXY, as in: Ooh, I'm a real naughty freak!
  • neoform : It's an edit. Here's the exact same picture, but this one says "Give it to your wife"...

Another mom with three sons said:

  • siszam: I'm the mother of three sons. I do laundry all the time and the tag IS funny. You people need to lighten up and laugh a little.

Moms make note: start your kids at an early age doing their own laundry (or at least helping).

But I do want to pass on a secret to those Gen-X guys. What I remember from being a single gal is that my friends and I found men that do their own laundry very sexy. That is one of the things that attracted me to my husband.

February 15, 2007

iPod deemed a "criminal tool" in high school security breach

Ipod_kidOriginally Posted on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Every morning my husband and I make sure our 8 year old son does not have his ear phones when he puts his iPod in his pants pocket to bring to his second grade class. He knows that it is against school rules to take out his iPod during school, but he brings it as a security object. We threaten to take away his iPod if the school tells us he takes it out during class.

My son is addicted to his iPod, listening to the music keeps him calm. I have come to accept the iPod as an appendage on my sons body. And fool myself that it could do no harm. Then I read the Engadget story posted on Digg entitled "iPod deemed a "criminal tool" in high school security breach". I was waiting for this to happen. I hope he can still bring it on the plane with him.



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