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August 22, 2006

What is a mommyblogger doing at Techcrunch 7?

Techcrunchcrowd Orginally published on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog

Some mommybloggers have a goal of being associated with Dooce. And some, yes some, have a goal of being associated with a technical blog like TechCrunch. Well, that was my goal and now I hit the big time. Here is a picture of the crowd on a thank-you for coming to TechCrunch 7 post by Michael Arrington. I am somewhere in the middle chatting with the gang from oDesk about IT outsourcing. One of the biggest challenges I experienced in years of IT Project Management experience was finding quality contractors. Their business strategy of being a central point for IT outsourcing was a winner. Well, enough of that and on to more juicy details on what a mommyblogger was doing at TechCrunch 7.

Techcrunchpic1crop_1First, I talked with Christine Herron and Charlene Li , two women well known in the Web 2.0 world who happen also to be fun to hang out with. I enjoy reading their information on blogging (blog traffic, tagging). There was also ample supply of food, wine and lots of talk about products and technology. Some people may see another bubble, but I see some success stories showing their strength.

While I was there I realized how proud I was of our fearless founders (Jill and Pam) and contributors, to be in a team that started something worthy of discussing at TechCrunch 7. When anyone asked me what I did, I proudly said I was the Chief Technology Mom of the Silicon Valley Mom Blog.  With a big smile, I shared that we have over 40 contributors and represent moms all over Silicon Valley. Whether I was talking to a celeb geek or VC, all understood the importance of an online, interactive dialog for moms.

Sometimes I almost blurted out that I am a Senior Manager from Deloitte & Touche, before I remembered that I opted out and have been retired since 2003 (if you can call managing three boys retirement).   I also was tempted to discuss my compulsive interest in Typepad blogging technology as well as my fascination with Web 2.0 and all of the interesting related blogs I read (including TechCrunch, O'Reilly Radar, VentureBlog, Guy Kawasaki, Six Apart - News, BlogHer, Google Blog, Seth Godin and information sources like O'Reillynet.com and Wikipedia). Yes, there are mommybloggers who are interested in technology. More then you would expect.  Lisa Stone said in her blog Surfette, "Women are not only the majority of Web users - women are the power Web 2.0 users".  Just take a peek at the amount of blogs on the BlogHer blogroll.

I also talked to Yobie Benjamin, Founder and CEO of Good Storm about his interesting business model and most importantly, hints on how he manages fevers with his kids. Siva Kumar, President & CEO from thefind.com, gave me a demo of their shopping search engine.

And I just had to laugh when someone asked me where my office was, I did not have the guts to say it was using my laptop on a laptop desk while sitting in bed or on the couch.  This may not be very glamorous, but it works. My twins now sleep in the room that used to be my home office.


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