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January 14, 2010

Using Tech For Haiti Disaster Relief

The people of Haiti have been in my thoughts and prayers as I find out more and more about the devastating earthquake. Here is information from a mom blogger friend who shared what she heard from a dear friend of hers with family in Haiti:

Port-au-Prince has been flattened.  The major landmark buildings that we all thought would survive anything and that have survived everything previously (including the 4 hurricanes last year) are all largely destroyed.  The National Palace is down.  The national cathedral is down.  The national penitentiary is down, and the 3,000+ most hardened criminals in Haiti who were being housed there have taken to the streets.

I am happy to see once again social media being used for good. The Wall Street Journal article summed it up in their article "Tech Lends a Hand in Haiti". That article lists some of the main sites collecting funds for disaster relief. Tonight the Clever Girls Collective did a Twitter party for Haiti relief. PC World posted that Google Earth revealed the devastation in Haiti, Google Earth has a web page that also summarizes Disaster Relief. Here is information from that page on ways to text donations:

The following organizations are accepting SMS donations in the US only-

  • SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts
  • SMS text “YELE” to 501501 to Donate $5 to Yele Haiti’s Earthquake Relief efforts

Here is the image from Google Earth. Thinking good thoughts of safety and quick relief for the people of Haiti:

November 20, 2009

Twitter & Social Media for Support & Healing: Cyber Hugs to Anissa Mayhew

I just recently took one of the Twitter psych tests and it turns out I am very connected but not very emotional on Twitter.

I wondered, is that a good or bad thing? Was that darn test insulting me or setting me straight?

I do admit that I try to keep my emotions offline and my words of wisdom online. My strategy is to share news and information about technology relevant to moms, families or anyone involved in social media. But it is times like these where I feel emotion index will be rising......

For some time I have been dealing with some of my own treasured family members that have cancer. It is such a personal struggle I have found it hard to share online. But I gain strength by reading the posts from a strong network of cancer bloggers (some of which are Silicon Valley Moms Group bloggers including Susan from Why Mommy, Linsey from MeTooYou , BlogHer bloggers, and more). 

Another special person who has showed their strength online by sharing their family experiences with cancer  is Anissa Mayhew. I met her when she wrote for Deep South Moms Blog but then starting following her personal blog Free Anissa and another blog called "Hope4Peyton" about her experiences with childhood cancer.

But on Wednesday I saw information on Twitter about something that happened to Anissa and I got really worried. Then I happened to be talking to Barbara Jones first thing that morning and she informed me that Anissa had a stroke. It has been inspiring to see the support online for Anissa through a blog posts with information on how to support the family  (and Mister Linky lists where people can share their posts on Anissa) to a page set up on CaringBridge.orgLotus Carroll created a page to enable those wanting to put  twibbons on their Twitter profiles. Even the Bloggess did a great job of posting her emotional and (as she does so well) funny thoughts and practical links to help Anissa. A PayPal link was set up for those that would like to help the family using PayPal.

But the most powerful posts are those from Anissa's husband who is posting on Hope4Peyton.

A big cyber-hug and get well prayers for Anissa!

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May 25, 2009

Tribute to Our Troops on Memorial Day

J0438767 Throughout my busy day of chasing my kids around I tried to keep in mind the important reason for this holiday: A day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.

Here is a tribute to our brave troops.

May 10, 2009

Happy Geeky Mother's Day Breakfast

This is the yummy Mother's Day breakfast that my yummy three boys made me. Notice the She's Geeky mug that I snagged at the Bay Area Girls Geek Dinner #3 hosted by She's Geeky and Women 2.0. My boys know their mama has to have her she's geeky mug in the morning (and the Dagoba chocolate next to the mug)...

Happy Mother's Day to moms who tech, Silicon Valley Moms Group bloggers, my fantastic readers, and to EVERYONE!


April 14, 2009

Operation Purple Ballon, A Tribute to Maddie

I have not felt in a techie mood this last week or so with the sad news of losing dear Maddie Spohr and Thalon Myers.

The support of the mom blogger community was beautiful to watch, and proof of the power of the online community that moms have built for support and to share experiences! A wonderful geek (Bil Simser) that helped rebuild Heather Spohr's website (Maddie's mom) after it crashed due to number of visitors had a great way of summarizing it: "The mommy-blog world is a freakin’ powerful machine".

He posted with an amazing fundraiser, as are posts across the blogosphere. I donated to Heather's walk and put her widget on my site to help raise money for the March of Dimes. When I first put the widget up on the LA Moms Blog and TechMamas.com the night I heard the news, the amount of money raised was $3k. NOW IT IS UP PAST 26k AND GROWING

AMomTwoBoys blog chronicled the support and was a central place to post links to the blog posts about Maddie (Now at 434!).

I dress in purple today as a tribute to Maddie (and her brave family), instead of being able to attend the funeral, I will do my own personal tribute by joining in Operation Purple Ballon.

April 07, 2009

One of the Saddest Posts To Date: Madeline Alice Spohr - We lost her

UPDATE: Please check this post at AMomTwoBoys blog for more info and links to other blogs that are posting about Maddie.

Precious baby Madeline, daughter to LA Moms Blogger Heather Spohr died today. Details are on Heather's blog. The family is asking for donations to the March of Dimes so I put up the button (see right) to their page.

J0433144LA Moms Blog is one of the blogs in the Silicon Valley Moms Group, which I co-founded. It is nights like this - where our moms across all of our blogs are feeling the pain - that shows the power of a mom community. Here is a link to the post at the LA Moms Blog.

We are all missing Madeline.

I remember publishing the post about flowers for Evan. So here are virtual flowers for Madeline.

January 04, 2009

Looking For "People Friendly Media" Technology

I was honored to connect with Deaf Mom and read about her life on her blog Deaf Mom Shares Her World. I learned from her that video interviews are not accessible for people who are deaf, that text transcripts along with videos are accessible. She inspired me to become interested in the people friendly media technology available. Just this morning we were emailing about this need:

NEED: We are looking for a technology that can "transcribe" audio files to text.

Then today I read about another inspiring person (T.V. Raman, a Computer Scientist and an Engineer at Google) in the New York Times article "Going Where No Guide Do Can". The article describes him as a leading thinker for accessibility issues and notes that some of Mr. Raman's innovations may help make electronic gadgets and web services more user-friendly for everyone. For example, the article also mentioned that Mr. Raman said that with the right tweaks, touch-screen phones - many of which already come equipped with GPS Technology and a compass - could help blind people navigate the world.

I will be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. I decided to add accessibility technology that can assist people with disabilities to the my list of things to look for.

Please comment on this post with any technologies (and links) you know of to assisting people who are Blind or Deaf. I would also like to hear from people with other disabilities to add the technology they use also and will post about that also.

After reading the New York Times article, I realize that my comments do have a captcha which may be hard to use for screen readers. If you want to comment, and find the captcha an issue - then please email me and I will add your comments to this post. My email is techmamas(at)gmail(dot)com.

Relevant Links:

Start with a visit to Words Matter - Writing about people with disabilities

Official Google Blog: T.V. Raman on Even More Books to Read

Google Accessible Web Search For the visually impaired (Google Accessible Search) and Google Accessible Search FAQ

Google Book Search Becomes Accessible

Links From Deaf Mom:


September 11, 2008

Tribute to 9/11 - And Mom of Three Boys Named Michele

This is a tribute to all who were effected by 9/11, even those of us far away who won't forget where they were the moment they found out about it. But a fellow mom blogger of mine wrote a post about a mom of three boys who perished in the Twin Towers named Michele Coyle-Eulau . This is a special tribute to her and her family. Take a click over to the New York City Moms Blog to read the post by Kelcey Kintner of Mama Bird Diaries (and other 9/11 posts).

August 03, 2008

TechGals: The Inspiration...

Yesterday I added Forbes reporter Kym McNicholas to my list of tech influential women - and this morning I read a post on Sarah Lacy's blog a post called "Valley Girl: Women Are Doing Just Fine in Tech, Thanks for Asking Though!".  So I felt it was time to bring up my running list of tech influential women. Just taking a look at the list confirms that YES women are doing just fine in tech/social media world....

Infact, I have been so busy attending amazing girl geek events like the book discussions led by Sarah LacyCharlene Li and meet-ups like the Facebook Developer Garage - that I need to go back and update my list... So here it is, more to come:

Techmamas List of Tech-influential moms and women

July 28, 2008

Tribute to Evan

Yesterday I posted a tribute to a dad (Randy Pausch). Today I am sad to post a tribute to a very special child, Evan and his special mother Vicki. Evan passed away on July 24, I first found out about it from my blogger friend Akemi who also reads Vicki's blog "Speak Softly".

Vicki was recently at BlogHer and spoke on a panel on blogging about children with special needs. I know some of the other speakers on this panel and they are all AMAZING moms who share such important stories. Here is one sentence from one of her posts that tells it all:

"While we lived every day, post by post, with our struggle, confusion and grief, those seeds have become saplings, then trees, and now a giant forest whose branches reach out to one another."

Vicki also contributed to an anthology that has creative writing pieces from mothers who have children with special needs called "Love You To Pieces".

This is also a tribute to the blogosphere which has become not only a place to share the grief of those who have lost loved ones, but also a way to share the inspirational stories that help their memories live on....

Friends are honoring Evan (and his family) by photographing flowers on swingsets.



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