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January 15, 2009

I Was Punk'd by Fake Steve Jobs, Who Says CNBC Reporter Was Punk'd

I wandered on "The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs" awhile ago, when I wrote a post about Gizmodogate. I found a post on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and linked to it - at first thinking how cool it was what "Steve Jobs" said about MACworld (after something happened to the screens at a CES booth last year):

    "Dear Gizmodo: Don't even think about fucking with the screens at our show "

But then after a few minutes of looking at the blog I realized it was the one and only "FAKE Steve Jobs" that said that, NOT the real Steve Jobs. I had to chance to figure this out before I wrote my own post and ended up calling it "Fake Steve Jobs on Gizmodogate". I almost got punk'd. Trying to keep up with all the tech news is not easy while chasing after three boys, so I gave myself a break... Then I realized that the Fake Steve Jobs (a.k.a. Dan Lyons) was somewhat of an Internet phenomenon - his video on the fake "Crunchies Acceptance Speech" was passed around everywhere. I asked other Silicon Valley tech bloggers and they all knew about the "fake Steve Jobs" blog. Dan Lyons ended up getting a "real" job at Forbes.com.

Punk'dgate is continuing - this time around a more serious subject. There is lots of buzz around Steve Jobs and his health. Silicon Alley Insider posted that:  

" Lyons tells CNBC tech reporter Jim Goldman that he got "punked" by Apple's spin machine for blowing his coverage of Steve's health."

Here is the video that shows the heated discussion:

Many of us in Silicon Valley see Steve Jobs while shopping (or awhile ago I was standing in line behind him at a yogurt store). I can imagine how hard this is for him and his family - so instead of debating this whole topic I will just send him well wishes.

I agree with John Paczkowski of Digital Daily who posted that "Apple Investors Are Wusses" if they punish Apple for Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence.

January 10, 2009

CES09 Windows 7 Is Available for Download

Intro_676x380 I went over to the CES Microsoft Booth specifically to learn more about Windows 7. I had originally gone to get pointers on fine tuning Vista - but then I realized why do that when I can just load Windows 7 and focus on understanding that. There has been strong interest that has lead to server overloads, but Microsoft is adding infrastructure to support that.

(photo credit: Microsoft)

CLICK HERE to learn what is new about Windows 7.

CLICK HERE to download the Windows 7 Beta. As I suggest before every upgrade or operating systems changes, it is a good idea to make sure your back-ups are up to date.

CLICK HERE to see Windows 7 Beta Videos.

ClICK HERE to get an update from Microsoft on Windows 7 Availability.

I am heading back to the CES floor, but I will be loading a video I took at the booth with more information about Windows 7.

Click here to see the in-depth post on Windows 7 beta via Ars Technia

January 08, 2009

CES 09 - Dell Embraces Design And Customization

I am here at CES listening to a Dell briefing. Here are the names of the speakers:

  • Micheal Tatelman - Vice President, Global Consumer Sales and Marketing
  • Alex Gruzen - Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Product Group
  • Ed Boyd - Vice President Consumer Experience Design Group

Here are some liveblog notes from the discussion.

Dell has:

  • Changed the face of the company through innovation.Broadened their portfolio worked with retails to reach offer value pricepoints. Dell has a strong retail and direct business. Their challenge was to deliver great products at each pricepoint.
  • Focused on bringing customers products through retail (20,000 locations around the world). Growing global retail foot print.
  • Has focused on a green strategy including green packaging, ReGeneration and Dell Earth.
  • Built better relationship with retailers.
  • Invested in personalization so consumers feel product is built for them.
  • Brought in artists from around the world for the Design Studio.
  • Announced the Design Studio on December 2.
  • An initiative to support Malaria in Africa called "Red".
  • Developed the Studio Hybrid which is green(smaller, less shipping, less energy to own and operate, ability to disassemble after life of product) and fits into your environment (small, less clutter, different color sleeves for CPU).
  • Developed the Alienware line for gaming
  • Have an extensive line of accessories.

NEW DELL announcements:

I also looked at the Dell Community site that offers information on topics and support.

Click HERE to see the pictures at the bottom of this post.

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December 30, 2008

What - No Stewart or Colbert? Viacom Threatens To Yank Programming

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Read more of the Los Angeles Times article.

The Wall Street Journal published a video about the controversy:

So - some families may need to go without Dora or Spongebob to provide some screen time for the kids? Parents won't get to have their daily laughs while watching Steven Colbert or the John Stewart Daily Show? Interesting to see how this plays out, especially because while I do enjoy watching cable daily, I also watch some shows online.

for more details, CLICK HERE to read the press release/statement I somehow received via email on the issue tonight.

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October 15, 2008

Economic Crunch Impact: Stronger Interest in Sub $1000 PCs and Laptops

I was waiting to read about what impact the economic crunch has had on the PC industry... Today on Techmeme I read a post by Gartner that said “In the North America market, the economic crunch created more interest in the sub $500 segment. Because the mini-notebook is still a new segment, it is too early to determine if the emerging segment created new market opportunities, or if it cannibalized lower priced systems.

This is relevant for the family market, as more families realize that in the era of Homework 2.0 kids NEED computers for school - PC's and notebooks will become required purchases. But what type of PC should families get? Is is worthwhile to get a $500 notebook or spend even $399 more and get one of those new $899 Apple laptops (see link related Engadget post)? Or how about looking at the $900 - $1000 category at CNET reviews that includes premium Dell and HP laptops? Better yet, take a look at the Desktop section at CNET reviews that the following categories:

CNET Reviews Desktop Categories-

For families looking for computers, now is a good time to find value for your money! The big question is: Which one should you buy?

I will be looking into this for my holiday buying guide coming out in November. Any suggestions?

CNET also discussed how the economic crunch is leading to families to cut the cord and go wireless instead of home family telephone service. My DSL is done and I started using my USB Broadband card for my home DSL use. I am wondering if I need to plug my DSL in now that it is fixed?

Hmmm, there are so many interesting areas of technology that families will be looking at differently as they try to tighten their belts more then ever.

October 14, 2008

Can Listening to Loud Music Lead to Hearing Problems?

The age old debate of if listening to loud music will effect your hearing is raging again - this time with MP3 players. CNET News posted with results from a study that say 1 in 10 MP3 users could go deaf.. They key here is "if they listen to the music too loud"!  I remember back to when I was a kid, we did not have MP3 players but we did have Walkmans, I listened to that music loud at times - and even had a Queen phase where I put myself between two stereo speakers to listen.

Do you agree or disagree with the studies' findings? I think that with all electronics, proper use is important. I say don't hold back from allowing yourself or your kids to use MP3 players - just teach them that LOUD is not GOOD!

I looked at CNET reviews to see what earphones may help in this situation. The Etymotic's fancy noise-isolating earphones and others have noise cancelling technology that can help reduce outside noise so the volume can be at a normal setting. CNET reviews has a Headphone buying guide with a section on the best noise cancellation and portable versions.

So lesson learned from this study, keep the MP3 - but get a good pair of headphones/earphones and make sure the volume is not set too high. Noise control in my house of three boys is tough enough, and I can't turn down that volume so alittle music for me would be comfort to my ears.

September 23, 2008

Google Andriod Meets Amazon MP3

It is late but I have been watching the stories about the Google Android with interest so this one on Techmeme caught my eye.. Google Android is a open and free moblie platform. Android's phones are supposed to hit the T-Mobile stores on Oct. 17, with Sprint coming next year. There was even a $10 million dollar Android Developer Challenge to get more apps designed for Android.

Looks like Amazon will have a music store on Android that competes with the iTunes store.  I will be looking to make a change in the new year for a telephone, the Android is starting to look more interesting now that access to music would be so easy......

September 21, 2008

New BlackBerry Operating System: OS 5.0

The Boy Genius Report posted with a first look at the new BlackBerry operating system: 5.0. I spend lots of time tooling around the BlackBerry software section and press section but did see any notice there... It is somewhat behind the scenes, so your everyday user probably does not care to know the details. But I am interested to see more about how the BlackBerry browser functionality can be improved (I have last years BlackBerry Curve). Maybe it will be upgrading to a BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Thunder or a newer version of the BlackBerry Curve with built in GPS? I am thrilled with the push functionality of the BlackBerry email but if I can't read the New York Times or have GPS from my device, what good is it in the longrun?

September 19, 2008

SNL Tina Fey Skit Fueled Surge in Hits on the NBC Website

I just saw a post listed in Techmeme today from THR.com that discussed that "NBC's Web sites sees surge in traffic". The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler SNL video (their spoof of Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton)  became the most watched viral video on their site while the instability of wall street brought viewers to CNBC. I thought the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler video was so funny, that I transcribed it to a post at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog - and added some great links to support some of the funny lines. Click here to read the transcript and see the video.  The video I loaded to my post was from Hulu, NBC's free video streaming site. VentureBeat pointed out that although NBC has the Hulu website with free videos, it has already sold 1million shows on iTunes since it started back with this service over 10 days ago.

Viral videos are very popular with moms, the "Mom Song" video was not only the buzz of discussions but was also emailed to me numerous times... My blog, Techmamas,has a category for web 2.0 humor where I list some of my favorite viral videos (like Facebook for Real) that have inspiried me to pass the links through my online social networks like Facebook and even email my friends.

Related links:

Hulu.com video streaming website

Apple iTunes TV Show download page

Interesting that viral videos are now also a proven winner for website hits.

September 16, 2008

Zune And McDonalds - Partnering to Offer Music, Audio Books and Food On The Go...

Yesterday I was going to attempt to clean up before I dropped the kids off at school so that I could head off to a Microsoft press release meeting. I actually enjoy going to these meetings, because I look forward to the "surprise" announcement. I even armed myself with a  Sierra Wireless USB Broadband card with Sprint wireless service so I can liveblog every juicy moment. I received an email that the press meeting was canceled, but I did check the news to see if anything interesting popped up...

Well - what do you know - this morning Techmeme and gadget blogs are a-buzzin with the news that "Internet access provider Wayport enables wireless music downloads for Zune customers in Wi-Fi hot spots at more than 9,800 McDonald’s restaurants."

Here is more from the Microsoft press release on Zune downloads:

"Zune customers have a choice in how they acquire music — they can pay per track or choose a Zune Pass subscription. Zune Pass subscribers can download or stream music from their Zune or computer interchangeably, all for a flat rate of $14.99 (U.S.) per month. To give people a chance to experience Zune Pass subscription, Zune is offering a free, 14-day trial to all new customers. More information is available at http://www.zune.net/setup.

Zune also now supports audiobook content from leading distributors including Audible Inc. Zune users can now explore more than 50,000 books, magazines and newspapers from more than 600 publishers and content providers at audible.com and sync it to their Zune. To commemorate the addition of audiobooks, Audible is offering all new and existing Zune owners a free copy of “Black River” by bestselling writer Dean Koontz."

So, I assume that means if you have a Zune and purchase a subscription for $14.99 - then that will also give you free access to the Wayport Wi-Fi at McDonalds. I think this is a smart move for Microsoft, the Wi-Fi in food and beverage stores is heating up. Starbucks partnered with AT&T to offer Wi-Fi at their coffee shops for customers that have cards.  T-Moblie partnered with companies like FedEx Kinkos and Borders to offer their hotspot serviceBoingo offers Wi-Fi hotspot service to 103,749 locations around the world.

Now that McDonalds is starting to work with Wellness experts and offer things like fresh fruit, yogurt and salads - the Wi-Fi option may be more attractive. Until I read the press release, I never thought of the option of also downloading books on tape to the Zune. My kids enjoy listening to music and already have their own tastes. Having books on tape make any car ride easier from my family (of three active boys). Good to know if I am on a family road trip, and forget to bring the CD's like I always do - but have a Zune and the subscription service, that I can just stop by Mickey D's to download a book for my boys to listen to.



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