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August 23, 2008

Obama VP Choice - Notice On Email

I signed up for campaign updates on BarackObama.com without realizing it would put me ahead of the game. This morning at 7:42am I received notice that Barack Obama chose Joe Biden to be his running mate.

----- Original Message ----
From: Barack Obama <info@barackobama.com>
To: Blecherman Beth <xxx>
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:42:34 AM
Subject: The Next Vice President

Blecherman --

I have some important news that I want to make official.

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May 09, 2008

Having a Technology Moment With My Son

I am sitting shoulder to shoulder with my older son as dinner cooks and my twins are playing across the street at a friends house. It is one of those quiet moments that I will always remember as special.....

Except that I am blogging and Twittering while my son is playing Lego Star Wars on his Nintendo DS Lite.

While this may seem odd to some, we are quite enjoying ourselves. He is showing me how his light saber works and I am showing him a YouTube video I am loading on my site.

Happy Friday night to all...

April 22, 2008

Need Help Finding My Twitter Mojo

This morning I received an email from one of my favorite bloggers PunditMom (and DC Metro Moms Blogger). She asked the question that I have been wrestling with for some time, why have I not posted on Twitter?

Twitter is the quick online social networking place for everything from sharing what was made for dinner to minute by minute updates of big events. Twitter has not reached the modern lexicon as a verb! You can Twitter from your regular phone (SMS), IM, twitter moble from a PDA or even twitter online while on the computer. There are even twits to go applications to help those wanting to Twitter on their smartphone...

I was have been busy with blogging, live social networking and most of all - my real mission - to have a few minutes alone with my husband and to keep my three boys alive and well... So if I use the Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging thing along with attending live social networking meetings - where does Twitter fit in? How about the other two blogs that I contribute to that I have not had time to even post to, how can I Twitter if I am behind in blogging (the modern dilemna....). And if I have a second, should you Twitter or mo-blog? I already am distracted by reading my emails on my BlackBerry, should I also moblie Twitter??

Should I twitter that I am blogging about Twitter? Or how about Twittering that my twins are out of preschool and watching TV this morning so I can blog about Twitter (hey, we are all going to rollerskate after this so no longterm harm done...). If I am blogging about this why should I Twitter about it... If I am Twittering, what should I put in my Facebook status update? Or should I put my Twitter updates on my blog sidebar so people can not only read my blog posts but what I am doing every moment of the day??  Don't people need a break? Do they really care what I had for breakfast? What about information overload?

I do see the value in Twitter, it is a more casual way to converse then blogging and I see people connecting on Twitter that end up forming live social networks from it (aha... there is a live social networking side of Twitter). I also enjoy reading my friends' Twitters, by people at events, conferences like Web 2.0 Expo, breaking news or to keep up with my blogger friends from afar...

I know some of my other blogger friends have been wrestling with this same issue...Maybe I have not found my Twitter mojo yet, any ideas?

Should I blog about cool tech gadgets that I found (or would that be boring for non-geeks)? How about what blog posts I am reading (I read lots of blog posts every day...)? Should I Twitter about pondering where an older mom like myself will get the energy up to rollerskate with my boys...

On that note, off to rollerskate......

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April 19, 2008

Should Parents Blog About their Divorce?

I just posted at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog my thoughts on yesterday's New York Times article on divorce blogging. I agreed that our kids will be voicing their opinions online by the time they are teenagers into adulthood, so parents going through divorce should also be able to share their thoughts.  My only concern would be if those thoughts get nasty toward the other parent, then it may turn hurtful. I hope that more families blog about divorce, their personal struggles and share hints on how they found the strength to move on.

March 30, 2008

Where Should A Mom Go For Her Online Chatting?

I decided to do a social experiment and stopped using Twitter for the last few months. There was no huge loss in my life, and I keep busy with the blogosphere.  Then suddenly all of my blogging friends were talking about Twitter, and I started to feel like I was missing out on conversations. I have a BlackBerry to email and IM with my friends while waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting at the school carpool  lane, but should I have been reading my friend's Twitter conversations on my phone? How about the old fashion phone call to have a live conversation? Or even more old fashioned - how about saying hi to the person next to me in line (does anyone do that anymore)?

All of this made me wonder where my social map should be? Isn't it enough to read people's blogs anymore or is Twitter taking the place of the dialogue that goes on through blog comments? And what about social networks like Facebook? Isn't there one stop shopping for online social networking or do we have to juggle multiple sites?

The Loic Le Meur Blog had a post titled "My social map is totally descentralized but I want my blog back" that suggested blogs should be the main source for a person's social maps. I would like to see blogs and "one" social network as the place to park social maps and conversations. We can add "buttons" to take our readers from our blog to our other hangouts. Or maybe that means adding Twitter like functions to Facebook or onto blog sidebars? Friendfeed is a nice concept, but it is another stop online and I just can't handle anymore!

For now, I will juggle. After I finish this blog post I am off to check my Facebook profile and then twitter (TechMama) that I am reading the Loic Le Meur Blog post. 

Of course, all of this before making breakfast for my boys, no problem....

Click on this link to check out the discussion on Techmeme

As always, I find most of my answers from Charlene Li. Click here to see her relevant posts on Social graphs:

November 13, 2007

Technology To Keep In Touch With Relatives

Every person I talk to who lives or has relatives out of the country uses Skype to communicate with their family.  I used Skype and a webcam to have video chats with my kids and their grandparents that live far away. My brother and I have not talked live in months, but we Google Talk almost every other day. He even sends me interesting links through Google Talk. Some college kids I know instant message with their families to get daily updates. Or Twitter so their families can keep track of daily events.

But my dream is to get my whole family going on VOX to use as an online family newsletter, except updated more then once a year during the holidays. The privacy controls on VOX offer a safe environment to post family pictures and events.

But be careful not to expect your older kids to "friend" you on Facebook. I guess this is the modern equivalent of diaries, so kids don't want their parents looking in. But in reality, anyone sharing personal information on Facebook is living in a glass house - so I suggest reminding them not to put anything online that they would not want a future employer looking at.

NaBloPoMo Day 5

November 11, 2007

Is Technology Leading to e-Clutter?

The Sunday Styles section of the New York Times has an interesting article by Alex Williams called "Too Much Information? Ignore it". The article gives examples of people making changes in relation to Timothy Ferriss's productivity philsophy.  Mr. Ferriss has a book called "The Four Hour Workweek" and a blog called "fourhourworkweek". He believes that we should not be multi-tasking so much, and restrict emails and instant messages to cut out "useless" information.

I believe that modern technology like email, instant messaging and online social networking are important part of modern culture, but should be used in moderation. Or as my husband says " we could do without the emails that are more like modern water cooler conversation then serious business". And a good old fashioned phone call or live meeting is probably still the most effective way to communicate.

NaBloPoMo Day 3

September 20, 2007

Blogging Dads

Techmomgift Over at the blogs I help manage: Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Chicago Moms Blog and DC Metro Moms Blog we had some fun asking the Dads to post. They did, and had some fun things to say.

My hubby posted on the 2007 Blogging Wife. I commented that we are just another Silicon Valley couple that blogs together. Neil's blog is 3SuperHeroes and I have a growing list of blogs. This allows us to spend time together sitting on the couch blogging on our notebooks (thanks to our wireless network).  Matt, hubby to Jordan of the Chicago Moms Blog calls it ""parallel play with laptops".

We even send romantic notes to each other's BlackBerrys during the day. This may seem like an odd way to spend time, but it may be the evolution of modern romance. This all makes me wonder how did couples spend time together before technology hit the homefront? Reading books? Listening to the radio together? Sitting outside rocking on a porch swing? I kinda like sitting next to my hubby blogging together. It inspires me..... And he is one of my great sources of technology information.

Any other blogging couples out there? Or does this type of thing only happen in Silicon Valley?

April 26, 2007

Top Ten Ways Alienated Dads Can Communicate With Their Kids

Miss_you_3 In honor of Alec Baldwin calling his daughter a "rude, thoughtless pig" because she did not answer his phone call (when he called at a pre-arranged time), I am presenting some low-tech and high-tech options for alieniated dads to help them communicate with their kids. I discussed my own personal thoughts about this on the Silicon Valley Moms Blog.


10. READ SOME BOOKS ON COMMUNICATION WITH KIDS - The low tech solution is to read some books to understand how to talk to kids in the first place. For younger kids the book "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk" can help with communication. Or buy "Kidisms: What They Say and What They Really Mean" for yourself and "Dadisms: What He Says And What He Really Means" for your kidsThis will help find alternatives to the word "pig" when communicating with your child.  Unless you are talking about a farm.

9. USE SOCIAL NETWORKING: If you have college or adult kids, ask nicely if they participate in any of the online social networks. For those Dads who don't know what internet social networking is - read  Wikipedia, the Red Herring article and look at the site Hitwise that recently published a list of Internet social networking sites used.

If they use social networking, ask if you can be added to their "friends" or just read their blog if it is public.  Many will list their interests, blurbs and what they are up to. Again, don't use any rude language if they say no. But if they do, comment on their blog or send their profile a message mentioning how "cool" their site is. Ask nicely that they do not post too much personal information on the social networking sites or meet with strangers. And if they restrict access only to their friends or use passwords. Say that you ask because you love them (not that you do not trust them).

8. TWITTER OR INSTANT MESSAGE WITH YOUR KIDS: See if you child wants to add you as their Twitter friend (for kids over 13). Then you can see what they doing every moment of the day, just like when they were young. Be careful not to enter your own twitter judgements like "I sitting at home worried that my daughter is going on a date with a guy that seems irresponsible". That deserves a phone call at least. Which goes on to the next point, if they don't use Twitter ask them if you can instant message or text them on their phone. And say that a one word text response is fine if they are busy. Tell them you know about the instant message text abbreviations <grin> <smirk> <chuckle>.

7. GET SOME EXAMPLE QUOTES: Look at BrainyQuotes to get an example of what Dads are quoted as saying. See which type of Dad you want to be in quotes. For some creative alternatives, look at what William Shakespeare said. I don't think he said the word "pig".

6. EMAIL (including E-Cards):  Ask for their email address and say they can get back to you when they have time.  But remember, emails are permanent documentation so if you get upset they have not replied, deal with it by keeping it to yourself. You can even email them cute electronic cards saying you miss them. Here is a good example of animated Amazon E-cards that show you miss your child without using bad words....

: Well, Skype is free and can be used around the world. Send your child a video camera and you can both use Skype to video conference. But, if they use social networking sending a video camera can be dangerous.

4. GET THEM A PHONE CARD: Get them a phone card and ask that they use it somewhat regularly. Promise that the call will just be a quick hi (and keep your promise unless they want to talk).   Don't leave any messages reminding them that they have not called. That does not work.

3. SEND THEM A DIGITAL CAMERA AND ASK THAT THEY SHARE SOME PICTURES WITH YOU: A picture is worth a few words at least. Help them find a good online photo sharing site if they don't have a blog or want to use email to send the pictures.

2. SEND THEM AN AIRLINE GIFT CARD (If they live far away). Say they can use the airline gift card when they want, or you can fly to see them. If they say they don't want to see you, ask them if you can socialize online with the other options listed. If that does not work.....

THE NUMBER 1 WAY FOR ALIENATED DADS TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR KIDS:  HAVE AN HONEST TALK (AND BE PATIENT). Just say you miss them, you want to see them and that you can make it happen when they are ready. No technology needed.



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