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23 posts from December 2008

December 21, 2008

Companies Using Fake Facebook Groups to Market to Students?

I just took a quick read at one of my favorite aggregators (TechMeme) to see a powerful discussion going on about a company using fake Facebook Groups to market to students:

There is something going down on Facebook, Pay Attention

It seems that there may be a marketing company that is setting up Facebook groups for incoming students of 2013. The blog SquaredPeg.com wrote the original post that set off the discussion. Posts in other blogs such as Chronicle of Higher Education are also dicussing this.

So lesson learned is that college students (and their parents) need to make sure that any college related Facebook group is actually administered by a college representative. Next, EVERYONE NEEDS TO SET THEIR FACEBOOK PRIVACY SETTINGS and only "friend" people you know.


Inside Facebook Blog: Facebook Marketing: College Prowler Caught Using Fake Accounts and Facebook Groups to Build List

December 20, 2008

Update From The HP Magic Mom Hero

Our Dad hero (Hero Daddy a.k.a Phil)  is busy delivering the HP products to the organizations he mentioned and will give an update soon that I can share with the readers.

For now I am thrilled that Shellie received her HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC.  She posted with  details on her blog "Creating With Shellie".

All of this makes me hope that more companies will donate technology to charities. Infact, I already discussed my fantasy charity of "One Laptop Per Mom" at the Silicon Valley Moms Blog so hopefully there will be more technology in the hands of moms, dads and charities in the near future...

December 16, 2008

Disney's PhotoPass Service and Yummy Holiday Food

Today is Walt Disney's birthday, so what a better way then to be at a Disney Mommyblogger event.  I am here to hear about their holiday celebrations. Below are some notes from the presentation, there is lots more to talk about, but for now here are some liveblog notes.  Updates to follow, along with adding the names of those that spoke.....

Danielle Dubois is one half of the Disneyland Resort Ambassador Team. She is talking about the Disney's PhotoPass Service (DisneyPhotoPass.com). It is a new service a Disney that provides photographers around the park that will take family pictures at all the major spots - then the pictures can be redeemed online.


What is the service? The first step is to take a picture with the photographers and get a PhotoPass cards. They have photographers in all sort of locations around the park. They take pictures then associate with that card. Guests have 30 days to claim photos online. Then you have 30 days to decide what you want to order - and share with friends and family. You can edit photos by adding borders (zoom, rotate or adjust). You can purchase prints or order .jpgs.

You can also use your own pictures for the PhotoPass service. Some of the products are holiday cards, cups, paper weights. All can be found on DisneyPhotoPass.com.

How to sign up? On the top right corner login (to DisneyPhotoPass.com)  or create a new account with your email. Your card will have a " 16 digit code" that you enter in. Once you pull up your photos you have three different types of photo to look at: Photo's the photographer took, photo's you took or photos from the Disney gallery.

Once you choose which photo is your favorite, you can edit your photo (zoom, adjust, rotate, add borders). At the bottom is the slide chooser so you can choose which photo's you want to edit. You can log in anytime during that period to see your photo album. Photo products tab on the site will show the products available, including the newest which is a calender (you start your calender on any month and control the calender layout).  There are also photo greeting cards and ornaments.

You can name products with a "project name".  The checkout is secured shopping and they accept any credit cards. If there are special offers, it will be applied at checkout.

Ride photos like splash mountain are not included in the ProjectPass card yet.

Disney said, don't be shy - go up to the PhotoPass photographer and ask them to take a picture. And ask them what "magic" they can put in the picture.  PhotoPass cards can be used at Disneyland or DisneyWorld (they are on one system). You can combine pictures on other families cards?

You can send a free "snowglobe" and will show up on the recipient's screen (with snow and magical music). Bloggers can link to it in their blog posts. You can also send a Disneyland Resort e-card to friends and family for the holiday.

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Safe Teen Online Social Networking: ConnectSafely.org

Logo I get lots of press releases each day, but this one was not only relevant but important to share with my readers:

On Wednesday, washingtonpost.com will host a live discussion for parents to talk about online predators, cyberbullying and how to help kids keep the Internet a constructive, safe place.

Anne Collier and Larry Magid, co-directors of ConnectSafely.org, will host the discussion. ConnectSafely.org provides information to parents and teens on the safe use of social media. Collier and Magid are also co-authors of "MySpace Unraveled: A Parents' Guide to Teen Social Networking."

The discussion will take place on Wednesday, December 17th from 3 – 4 pm ET at the following link:


December 15, 2008

Real Simple Blogathon: Top Five Multi-Functional Technologies For Busy Moms

Iphone3g_map I was thrilled to be included in the Real Simple Holiday Blogathon. In honor of the holidays I thought I would cover multi-functional technologies for moms. These items make great gifts (gift of time) and help simply your day by enabling one gadget  to be used for multiple tasks. I will be posting more about the items I discussed, but for now take a look and add your own tips. Click on the link below to read my Real Simple - Simply Stated blog post:

Top Five Multi-Functional Technologies For Busy Moms.

CNET TV: 10 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

I am a big fan of Firefox (a free web browser) and of CNET. CNET TV has useful quick tips, how to and insider secrets. I visit the site daily, and today found this video for 10 Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. Anything that can save time for busy moms - is a good thing:

December 13, 2008

HP Magic Giveaway Dad Hero: The Winner, The Story


When I first found out that I had the opportunity to share the HP Magic with this giveaway, I wanted to somehow make a difference during a time that is tough for many. So after watching the CNN Heroes Tribute I set out to find mom and dad heroes!  The tough job of picking winners was finalized - and we got one of each. 

The runner up is a Mom Hero named Shellie, a mom who is trying to start her own business and had to share her computer with the rest of the family.

The first place winner is a true Dad Hero (named Hero Daddy). CLICK HERE to read more about him and how he is going to share the magic:

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December 12, 2008

CNN iReport

CNN has a section of their website that is open to the public to submit their pictures, audio and video called "iReport". It is an interesting way to see what is going on. There is a good mix of news, personal interest and one area for a year in 30 seconds (which are slide or video clip snippets of one year of events). Here is link to one made by a mom with two boys (and it rhymes..).

I decided that because CNN Heroes inspired me to theme my HP Magic Giveaway for Mom/Dad Heroes, I would submit my first iReport of this event. I took a picture of a split screen, the top screen is a small part of the CNN Heroes website, the bottom split is the TechMamas Mom/Dad hero post.  So here it is, my first iReport (weeeee)...

HP Magic Giveaway- WINNERS!


I am excited to announce that HERO DADDY is the winner of the TechMamas HP Magic Giveaway and will be sharing the prize with THE RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE ( http://www.rmhc.com/ ) and some other agencies in need!! More details on Dec. 14.

And to show that Hero Daddy is an extra Hero - he agreed to share the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC with the Mom Hero Shellie - who had the second largest amount of votes. Shellie is a mom that will have her own computer now! So Shellie will be receiving the HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC.

Please click back to the original post and check out all the heroes. I hope that if others have technology to share, they will share it with them. Happy to pass any emails on to them if necessary.


CLICK HERE  (and go to the bottom of this post) TO SEE THE STORY BEHIND THE 20 LISTED ON THE POLL.

Here is a link to the initial post where all the mom and dad heroes entered the HP Magic Giveaway for $6K in hardware and software.  ALL who entered are heroes, just read their incredible stories!

I had the task of randomly chosing 20 to go up for the final vote. Please CLICK HERE to read their stories (at the bottom of this post) and vote for your favorite Mom/Dad Heroes

CLICK HERE to read the CNN Heroes Tribute - that inspired my theme.

Voting starts on Dec. 12 and ends on Dec. 13 (9pm pst 12pm est). Winner will be announced on Dec. 14.

Polls Powered By MicroPoll


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December 09, 2008

Nine-year-old's "How to Talk To Girls" To Be Made Into Movie

I just read on the Huffington Post something that should inspire kids to keep on writing: "Twentieth Century Fox has purchased the options to nine-year-old Alec Greven's book, "How to Talk To Girls.".

Here is the YouTube video of his interview on the Ellen Show:

For aspiring young writers, here are some websites that allow you to publish your own books:

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