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18 posts from August 2008

August 30, 2008

I Just Twittered and Facebooked CNN About Hurricane Gustav

I happened to turn on CNN to get an updated on Hurricane Gustav, and what do you know - the reporter Rick Sanchez was utilizing online social networking during the newscast. He displayed the Twitter conversations and discussed using Facebook, saying "that he was utilizing the social networking thing".

So I decided to join him in the social networking thing by twittering him to see if he was really accepting new tweets. Let's see if I am added to his list.... While I was waiting I shared tweets with my other mom blogger buddies sharing concern about those in the path of the Hurricane.

I already had a great experience social networking with Katie Couric and CBS Interactive (which led to a LIVE meeting). I also checked CBS news about Hurricane Gustav as found their interactive storm tracker.

Using online social networking is not only a way for busy parents to connect with friends, but it now seems it is a way to keep up to date on news items...

Update 9:20pm.. I was just confirmed by Rick Sanchez on Facebook.. So yes - it is for real!

Here is a link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which shows the government information on this and any other hurricanes..

August 29, 2008

Moms With PDA's - Go Touch or Go Keypad?

PDA's are an essential tool for busy moms who need to multi-task on the go, with a cellphone, web browser, email, calender and other applications in ONE device. But I often debate with other moms who use PDA's whether they want a touch screen or a keypad PDA.

In the past this discussion was iPhone (touch screen) versus BlackBerry (keypad) which I already posted about). The touch screen allows you to type by "touching" an image on a screen, and these devices overall usually have better web browsing capabilities because of that same touch screen. The PDA's with a keypad have small keys that you "type". I am a keypad gal, but I admit the web browsing on my BlackBerry is far from perfect. But I am thrilled with the BlackBerry overall - it is reliable, has great applications and support available, with push emails I get my emails almost immediately and I happen to work better on a keypad then a touch screen. I loaded Facebook and Twitter moblie so I can social network on the go...So for now, I am staying a crackberry.

But my Apple iPhone friends are very happy with their (touch screen) iPhones. Even yesterday I posted on an application written for the iPhone that tracks dirty diapers and breastfeeding, and there are many more iPhone applications. The web browsing on the iPhone is top rate. Some of my friends don't want the iPhone because they already have a phone, so they use the iPod Touch to web browse on the go.

Which is why I have been tantalized by the recent news on the PDA front:

What are your thoughts for PDA, keypad or touch?

August 27, 2008

I Am Getting My DNC Coverage From MOMocrats!

My husband is in the other room watching the DNC while I read the posts on Momocrats. This is an exciting step for moms and online political influence - they have an official blogger pass to the convention floor and have been spread out covering different events.

Here is their link to:

If you are into podcasts, don't miss out on Momocrats podcasts on BlogTalkRadio.

Apple iPhone Application - For Breastfeeding!

Basics_3 I painfully remember entering in my breastfeeding and diaper schedule for the twins on PC spreadsheets that I had printed out and put on clipboards. Multiple times I misplaced the sheets, and could not remember the last time the twins were fed. My twins just started Kindergarten, and that experience seems like such a long time ago. But times have changed for the better.

ANDESigned is publicizing their new Apple iPhone application - for breastfeeding and diapers. I am a big fan of moms using one device for many tasks, so this is a great idea - especially for twin moms where memory loss is part of the game. I have not tried this application, but it does have areas to store all the information per breastfeeding session. 

As a twins mom, I would like to know if I can modify the application to associate each twin with the side they were fed (so mom can start them on the other side for the next feeding session). No matter what, it is better then that sheet of paper I used....

Beth Blecherman is the Founder of Techmamas.com

August 24, 2008

I Got Facebook Spammed

I received an interesting Facebook message tonight from another mom:

Your ass looks not bad in this video.:
http://%79ou%74ube.su%62do%6D%65n%79.com.pl/?a=F0F2E... (lots more letters/symbols after this - too long to bother including in this post)

Because I have a background in Internet security, I did hesitate before responding.. Well, that and the fact that another mom would probably not compliment me in such a way. So, if you don't have a background in Internet security (and like when people compliment your a**) let me give you a hint:

Links to you tube look like this:
(Here is link to my favorite "mom song" from YouTube)

Now compare THAT link to the babbling link I was sent in Facebook.   Does that link look anything like a YouTube link?


Instead of clicking on that link (HINT: never do that), I sent a message back to that mom asking "What's up with that message". She replied that she had clicked on a link from her friend and her Facebook friends are randomly getting that message - without her directly sending it.

In the end, this seems to be some sort of virus like spam that is being spread. So do yourselves a favor, never click on any link you get on email or on your social networks without reviewing the link - and the message.

RELATED POST: Charlene Li also blogged about the Facebook Virus

Here is a link to two posts I did about Phishing, which is similar to what happened here.
Attack of the Computer Phishers and Zombie Hordes
Beware of Phishers: Part Deux - The Domain Name System Security Hole 

Best of all, check the Facebook Security page for important security updates.

Big Cyber-hug to WhyMommy

J0435781 WhyMommy is an amazing role model of strength as she blogs about Breast Cancer, yes - she is making a difference! Yesterday she went in for an emergency oopherectomy so I thought I would send a big hug and some flowers over cyberspace.

Hey, Today Joe Biden Sent Me An Email

Yesterday, Barack Obama sent me an email announcing his VP choice: Joe Biden. Today, Joe Biden sent me an email introducing himself! I feel special....

From: Joe Biden <info@barackobama.com>
To: Blecherman Beth <xxxx>
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2008 10:46:56 AM
Subject: Hello

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August 23, 2008

Obama VP Choice - Notice On Email

I signed up for campaign updates on BarackObama.com without realizing it would put me ahead of the game. This morning at 7:42am I received notice that Barack Obama chose Joe Biden to be his running mate.

----- Original Message ----
From: Barack Obama <info@barackobama.com>
To: Blecherman Beth <xxx>
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:42:34 AM
Subject: The Next Vice President

Blecherman --

I have some important news that I want to make official.

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Women + Blogs = Influence, VOTE for Our SXSW 2009 Panels

My bloggy buddies helped me find a phrase for this SXSW VOTE button:

We wanted to help spread the word on the SXSW 2009 panels we and other bloginfluential women put together. My panel is Moms Who Tech, but just take a look at the other amazing panels being proposed. Please do vote for these panels, the voting process is part open source so community support is very important. The SXSW Interactive Panel website explained the voting timeframe: Voting closes on August 29. SXSW Interactive hopes to reveal the first batch of programming and confirmed speakers in October.

Whitehouse.gov 2.0: Upgrading to Open Source Government

Moms Who Tech

Building Political Clout Online Through Technology

Achieving Balance Between Work And Life (Yeah, Right!)

The Future Of Social Networks

Grokking Bloggers: It's About Love and Underpants

Open Source Disability Gadgets: DIY for PWD

Can Social Media End Racism?

Please VOTE!

Elisa Camahort Page made a post with the panels that were in the first round (mine and some others were just added a week ago...). Check out her post, there are other great panels to vote for!

August 17, 2008

I See Funny Bloggers: The Bloggess

So, If I blog about "The Bloggess" will that get me "Kawasakied".  Or is it Bloggessed? You see, I did pass the word out to vote for my SXSW panel called "Moms Who Tech".  I am not shy about my devotion to spreading the word about tech savvy moms so I will admit one of the emails sent out was to Guy Kawasaki. Guy Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley icon - and happens to be the guy I use for an example of the right way to have an online presence for a class I teach on that subject.  He also is supportive of mom bloggers, and even made time before his big night before BlogHer party to meet with the Silicon Valley Moms Group Road Trippers (I was there taking pictures).

Tonight I checked my panel voting comments (hmmm, hmmm - still time to vote) and Guy Kawasaki himself left a comment to get Jenny The Bloggess to come. Now, I have read her blog before - she even guest posted on the site I contribute to called "The Momocrats". I decided to spend some time reading her blog again - and she IS one funny blogger... Seriously (I like to say that when talking about funny things), I first starting reading blogs because of writing like The Bloggess. The fresh, honest, don't take yourself too seriously kind of talk witty gals out for the night will say to their friends.  Being a mom has decreased my witty factor due to sleep deprivation, so it is nice to know that others can wit for me. When you spend your day reminding your sons only to pee in the bushes if you are in the wilderness, instead of a bush at the outdoor section of a restaurant - then comic relief is in order.

So for a fun break, take a read over to The Bloggess. And for more fun just go visit the Moms Alltop blogs. And if you have not had your fix, go check The Bloggess guest post on Her Bad MotherCathrine has already made me laugh so hard, I can't wait to read the two of them together in the same page.



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